Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Excited to see

I defiantly have a specific taste when it comes to movies. Although I don't consider myself a romantic comedy kinda gal. In my own way I kinda am. The sad thing about being me is that chances are, none of the movies I want to see will come to St. G :( (Yeah i just did a emoticon, what of it? )

Here are a couple movies I am excited to see this summer. Away We Go & 500 Days of Summer. Who wants to go with? When we are up north of course.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good News!

The Garden Mystery is solved! Well one of the garden mysteries anyway. We had pill bugs (aka rolley pollies) Eating our Strawberries. I got some Sluggo Plus and killed those little buggers! Here is a picture of the finished product

pretty impressive, hu?

Well, not really. The way I figure it, The bowl of berries on the right cost about 10 times the bunch on the left and that does not even include the time we put into it. Seriously, I just don't see the point. Ya teach a man to fish my eye.

In other news, Owen started summer school!! Here he is all ready for the first day. I am really loving the hour and a half I have to get stuff done/waste time online 2 days a week, and can't believe we are already to week three of a six week class! Although you would never be able to tell from these pictures, he really does loves it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what we've been up to cont...

For Owen's birthday party in Feburary Cathie got him these bubble toys, we finally got them out again last week.  The boys were pretty entertained.  

So an old friend was giving away some unused disneyland tickets the other day and we took her up on her offer.  We got the great idea to press our luck with some standby tickets and fly out there and back in the same day. So we woke up early on Tuesday morning and took off.  We're not really those kinda people that fly by the seat of their pants, so this was out of our comfort zone, but all in all we got on the flights, and had a great time.  Here are a bunch of pics of us standing in lines, and riding rides.  Thanks Kassie for the tickets and to Duane for the plane tickets!   

what we've been up to

Am I the worst blogger ever, or what?   So last month we talked Cathie and Scott into coming down for 4 days while Spencer and I went on an alone trip. The way we figured it, the last time we went anywhere, just the 2 of us was May of 2005 when we went to Chile.  Due time for some us time. This being my first childless trip since becoming a mother,  I forgot what it was like not to have to worry about anyone but myself.  The first couple days I was sure there was something I had forgotten, or something I should be doing.  Although I fully knew the kids were fine, and that they would rather be with Cathie than me, I still was crazy.  I am aware that I was the one who needed them.   I was pretty sad, but I got over it and in the end I am so glad we went,  I feel like it re-charged my battery.  Thanks to Cathie, Scott, and Lindsay for keeping my babies happy and giving me a chance to miss them.  

Sman outside the hotel

us in the garden area at the hotel

neither of us had been to the mesa temple, so on a rainy day we went.

this is a funny pic for a couple reasons, 
1- there is mo po tofu all down my shirt
2- spencer told me it looked like I was holding the sign, he is a retard. 

As soon as we got home from Scottsdale, we packed the car and headed to My grandma's annual memorial day picnic.  It was a super quick trip, but we're glad we got to see everyone, and eat some great food.  The minute we got in my grandma's yard Owen disappeared.  He loves playing with all the big cousins, that's why there are no pictures of him.  

Eli & Spencer 

Spencer being all lovey-dovey with Eli. 
Surprisingly, he too missed the kids while we were on our trip

A slide just Eli's size

Since owen was MIA during the picnic, he didn't get anything to eat.  
we stopped and got him a corn dog and this is how he fell asleep.
For the record he slept from Centerville until 600 north (so like 7 minutes) that was it the whole ride home, and Eli finally fell asleep when we turned onto Sunset Blvd, a mile away from our house.  It was a long car ride.