Friday, July 31, 2009

Overheard in a Dream part 1

Spencer and I have many things in common. Sleeping schedules are not one of them. I am a go to sleep late, sleep in kinda gal. Spencer's idea of sleeping in is getting up at 7:30am. So anyway while I am staying up late next to him I often overhear him talking in his sleep. I would say as a general rule he does not let his nerdiness overflow into real life too much. He has the blog and hopefully gets most of the scifi out of his system on that. His Dream's however, well I suspect that they are filled with this crap.

From time to time my sister will do this thing on her blog where she quotes her little girl. Her daughter Nina will say the weirdest things, so they post it, and it's funny. I have seen this before on other blogs and it's not really even interesting, for sure not funny. You know what I'm talking about.

Not like this: "I wov woo mommy." -not funny kid

More like this: "I wish Jesus could make you a nice mommy." -nina

So I have decided to start a new, possibly re-occuring, post.

Here is the first installment of
Overheard in a Dream

Spencer had been asleep like 40 minutes, when he looks over at me and says

"Do NOT wake me up!"

and I laugh and say
"what?, you are so weird, I didn't say a thing"
to which he replies
" unless there are triplets"
I then laugh again out loud, and ask him
"what in the world? triplets? what kind of dream are you having babe?
to which he says
"I am not asleep. It's not like I have ever deblt with zombies before either!!"

I trust that you my readers, will let me know if this is like " I wov woo mommy" so I can discontinue, if needs be.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Smokin Hot Deal

Have I got a deal for you!! Okay our BFFF's (best family friends forever) the Suites are selling their St. George Condo, and for a steal! I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in this beauty, and I am telling you, this place is AMAZING. Go now, Check it out. Tell all your friends how HUGE it is, how they could have a family reunion in it. How awesome the storage space is. Ect. Ect. Tell anyone who might be interested. If you are the person who passed it on, and the place sells, YOU get $1000!

I am hoping that the purchaser wants to be our best friends too, so we can continue to enjoy it's awesomeness, I can dream, no?