Saturday, April 30, 2011

the lizard

 My boys are not that into bugs and lizards and such.  a few weeks ago Owen screamed like he was dying and when I ran into his room expecting to find blood there was only a little bug on the carpet.  So imagine my surprise when I walked back outside from one of my potty breaks to find Owen with a lizard on his arm!  All the boys had to take a turn.  I thought it was picture / blog worthy... yeah maybe not so much! 

Soccer 2011

 To say that it took some time for Owen to get excited about soccer this year would be an understatement.  We went to 3 whole games and just watched before he would even step foot on the field.  There was some pouting,  some tears, and a bit of hiding under the blanket that we brought to sit on.   But... patience and persistence paid off and he ended up LOVING it.  So last week I finally got some pictures of him in action.   Enjoy! 
he totally does the same thing with his hands that Spencer does while playing soccer!  could you die of cuteness? 


We went to Oceanside the first weekend in April so Spencer could participate in the Oceanside 70.3 Half Ironman.  He has been training for this for quite some time and it was really exciting to see all his hard work pay off! He ended up loving the race.  I personally am not sure how one LOVE's something like this, but to each his own.  I wouldn't have minded if he liked it a little less so that maybe he would not want to do another one for a long while, but.... you can't win 'em all.  I am glad that he has found something he really enjoys and that he is really good at.  Not to mention what a sexy bod he has gotten with all this training!!

This is the night we got there just after Spencer picked up his race packet!

somehow we were able to find him in sea of black wet suits

Eli watching the swim

the end of the bike
half way done with the 13.1 mile run
Due to the fact that we had a stroller with us and a baby on my bladder, we were unable to see Spencer come in to the actual finish line, but this stolen picture was almost just as exciting!  BTW his finishing time was not what the clock above says, since he started in a different swim heat.  Official finish time was 6:22:55

back at the hotel with our Ironman
The next day we headed up to Newport.  It was so nice having Cathie there with us.  The boys obviously didn't mind having her around either.

We went to the Children's Museum while there. 

Considering that I am not sure Eli has ever sat down to watch  Sesame Street he really liked the exhibit. 
Eli ran and gave Elmo a big bear hug, it was pretty funny.

Later that day we went to the beach again.  We only wish we could have stayed a few days more. 

Oh and just in case you thought that we got home and Spencer fell off the training wagon, I am including this picture of him and T.J. 2 weeks later doing the SLC half marathon.  Lunatics! and yes Spencer is 30 and he is still doing that stupid thing with his hand from high school.

Now and Then

The other day Eli was hiding in the hamper.  When I saw him I immediately thought of this picture I have of my brother Brian in a similar position.  I quit my solitaire game on my phone and snapped this.  They actually look a lot alike.  Anyone else see the resemblance?