Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weird Sleepers

Monday, January 12, 2009

itunes picks

There once was a time when I felt like I was pretty "in the know" when it came to new and awesome upcoming sappy singer songwriter- put you to sleep type music. Sometimes it feels like I have been living in a cave, as far as my exposure to music goes the last few years. Anyway, I finally got a few new albums with the itunes gift cards I received for Christmas. Here are my choices thus far:

1st choice Ray Lamontagne: Gossip In The Grain. I am really still loving his music. Maybe it it that I got his first album right before OJD was born, his 2 albums have been like the soundtrack to my being a mom. Wow! I am a believer and Family's can be together forever and the church is true.

2nd Choice Fleet Foxes: Self Titled. I got this one cause it was on the NPR top albums of the year list. I really like it. But I have yet to fall in love.

3rd Choice Elvis Perkins: Ash Wednesday. Keeping inmind that I really like his voice and songwriting style, I do have a couple critiques: songs tend to be a bit repetitve and long winded. But I REALLY like it at the exact same time.

I have not been this pleased with my musical purchases in a long time. I like all the albums that I have gotten so far, not an easy feet. I am wondering if anyone has gotten any albums that they loved lately. If so pass them along. That is if it is not the crap my husband has been listening to. I am not interested in listening vomit in musical form, Thanks.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Super Man

I am not trying to pretend to be ultra stylish, but I have always been kinda anti character clothing.  Especially on adults,  there is a fine line between what is okay and what is not in my book regarding cartoons on clothing.   Keeping this in mind, I forgot to get some jammys for the boys to open on christmas eve.  On the 23rd I went to Big K and you guessed it they were out of everything even sorta cute.  Not wanting to drive anywhere else I took the plunge and got the boys matching superman pajamas with included velcro capes.  They (okay Owen) LOVES them.  He thinks he gets to wear them every night.  Thus begins our lives as Pooh overall wearin',  Tigger T- shirt wearin', Sponge Bob light up velcro shoe wearin' consumer whores.  Here are some pictures of our holiday and the boys saving the world.  

Owen being "SO nice!!". 

Spencer opening his Iron Maiden shoes that are gonna give my kids nightmares

Owen being camera shy

Me showing off the gifts Owen got me at the dollar store
candy cigs and a Spiderman watch!!

Happy Eli

Things got even better for Owen when cousin harper got him this Awesome cape!  Dreams really do come true at Chistmas time.  

Looks like I have now changed my rules in regards to character clothing.  I am okay with pajamas, underoos, and Dress ups.  Tell me I am not alone on this.