Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Pictures

In September we had family pictures taken.  Ashlee Bowler took them for us and did a great job.  I had lots of favorites!  Here's just a few:

 I love how Owen and Spencer have the exact same face in this one. 

 I can't decide which one of these last two to blow up on canvas??
I think both of them are great of all 5 of us.  

Halloween Ect.

 We carved out pumpkins at the Knapp home.  It was rad.  I want to make it a yearly tradition.  Angel are you in??
 Eli not so sure about the yucky insides, Owen loved it.  

 The boys showing off their jock-o-lanterns!

 Eli being cute

 Owen got to dress up in his costume for school one day.  Eli had to join in too.  

 He had a pretty sweet little halloween program.  

 He got really into it. 

 Owen and his BFF Cutler on Halloween (well the 30th)

 Cute kids

Spencer joined in too.  He had on the second most embarrassing costume at our neighborhood social.  At least he covered up his side boobs!   

Mahalo Big Island

 We were LUCKY enough to get to go to Hawaii the first of October.  We went to Kona and had SO much fun!  

 We totally looked like locals, at least that's what everyone was telling us everywhere we went.  

 We lucked out and were there for the Ironman.  It was rediculousness.  Spencer was pretty excited to be there.  

 It really was like what I imagine it's like to be at the super bowl.  Really!

look at all those arms!   

We went to the sickest Luau on earth, and I don't mean sick as in good.  This is a picture of us while there.  Do you like my hair piece?

We went to these botanical gardens and got to see this not so impressive waterfall.  I think everything pales in comparison to Havasupai, at least for me.  

 We took probably 200 pictures of flowers.  This is my favorite one.  Check out the nasty little bugs on it.

 This is where I ate the only Sushi I have ever been able to swallow.  It was not so bad, minus that gross green paper.  

We had a great dinner our last night there. 

 The last day before we flew out on the red eye we took a sailing / snorkeling trip.  It was awesome.  

 Captain Cook Monument = best snorkeling ever

Such a fun trip!

Owen's FIRST day of School

Owen was super excited for school to start this year.  It is his second year of Pre-school and he loves his teacher and all his friends at school.  I am so happy that he likes school!

Mr. Handsome. 

Eli had to get in on this picture taking action.  

 Eli totally misses Owen when he is at school and can't wait to go pick him up.  I'm not gonna lie, the TWO hours flies by for me.  

Fitness Fanatic

 So it's no big surprise that Spencer has become quite the little athlete.  Here are a few of his recent races!

We obviously did this one together.  It's a long story but I ended up doing the last half with a broken hand.  Spencer did awesome!  I finished, which was awesome! 
this is a fake smile fyi

 the kids made this sign for DAD!

 We had a really fun time watching all the runners.  The boys were a little bored after about the 5000th runner, and found ways to entertain themselves, in the middle of the street:) 

 Owen decided to give himself a haircut the day before.  He looked pretty great, and I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner.   

Mile 26  

Spencer and the boys just after he said "I'm NEVER doing that again"  

I love how miserable and hot the boys looked.  They were sitting in the shade for the 4 hours that Spencer was running.  Big Babies.  

Cathie came down to support Spencer and to help me entertain the kids,  Thanks!

After race Shower 


 Finishing Strong 

 enjoying some post-race snacks

When we were walking back to the car the boys were being cute.