Friday, September 4, 2009

What's the time? Diaper Time

Eli belongs on public access T.V.

Panguitch Lake and the Incident

This last Weekend we got to spend in Panguitch lake. It was so much fun! Thanks Jeff and Jacquie again for inviting us. The first night was pretty horrible. My kids were honestly the worst that they have ever been. We ended up keeping the whole cabin from sleeping for the majority of the night. I am pretty sure everyone wanted to kick us out at 3 in the morning. But we are so glad that they didn't. The second night went so much better. I think it helped that everyone was so tired that it wouldn't have mattered how loud my kids were, they probably would have slept right through it.

Owen and Anna running wild

Just before they started throwing gravel on each other
Anna is a champ, I don't know many other little girls who can keep up with my wild boys. Anna definitely held her own!

Us about to fall into Cedar Breaks, super windy

So cool
I have grown up to be one of those people who are totally and completely blown away by how awesome nature is.

Juddy and Eli enjoying the view

Owen NEEDED this picture to be taken?

Spencer and Judd thought it would be a good idea to take Owen out on the Canoe. Owen disagreed, 15 seconds into the ride, he demanded to go back to the shore.

So off they went

Natural Canoe-ers

Seriously maybe 2 minutes in, they capsized. Owen took it the hardest. He was pretty upset. He thought his DAD was gone forever. He had real tears!

Commanders of the Waters

We hurried and got a shot of the group, before the boys clothes dried.
Wet Tee shirt Contest, Yes Thank you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Turbie Twist

A little over 6 years ago, I had some credit at Bed Bath and Beyond. I thought that with that credit, I would get a pack of Turbie Twists. I did after all have hair that took along time to dry, and hated when my towel would fall out. I vividly remember Spencer fighting me on this, saying "that is NEVER gonna get used." Well I have used them here and there over the years, but not like everyday. So I would say I could definatly have done with out them. That is until I got the guineas idea to put my boys in them. For some reason, I think this is the funniest thing ever. You decide. Eli likes

Owen is not so sure

Cherry Hill

When I was 7 my mom moved my 2 sisters and I up to Farmington. While we were looking for a permanent residence, we lived in a little motel that was right next to Cherry Hill. I think we lived there for 3 months, but it seemed like longer. Other than walking by and seeing a mini golf course, I don't remember ever going inside to see all that Cherry Hill had to offer. That is my childhood memory of the place. So not all that awesome of a memory. Spencer on the other hand has very fond memories of Cherry Hill. Their whole Davis side of the family would go there camping in the summers when they were little. I didn't even know that they had camp grounds.

Anyway the day after Lagoon, we got to go experience the awesomeness that is Camping at Cherry Hill. Considering that it rained and we had 6 kids 3 years old and under, I think it turned out pretty great! We had heard it was gonna rain, so when we got there we hurried and set up our tents and then headed right to the water park. I was sure after the response we got out of Owen at Lagoon, that he was gonna hate the water slide, but he loved it. Spencer and I took him down it like 5 times. It turned out to be well worth the cost of the ticket. Although I was a little hesitant to fork out the non-refundable admittance ticket in loo of the forecast I am glad that the cheapskate in me lost, and we went. About an hour after we got there it started raining, so we got out of the water and went back to camp. Where we ate a lovely dinner, put the kids in front of a movie, and then went to sleep. The weather was actually pretty good until about 5 AM when it started poring, and got really windy. In the morning we decided to pack up, and go have our yummy camping breakfast back at Cathie and Scott's. Overall it was good times.

Eli loved exploring our camp site, as well as all the neighbors.

The older Cousins enjoying an after dinner treat and a movie

Eli and his tent pole that he carried around. It kept him entertained for most of the night, why do we buy toys again?

more cousins enjoying the movie