Thursday, October 30, 2008

This One's For The Grandparents

but  feel free to love it even if you're not one.  

Yep, this is me, I am THAT Blogger

Okay I know I am becoming a stereotype even as I write this, but I need help. Here it goes:

So about a month ago we decided to be done with diapers for good with Owen. I was not going to be that mom who took baby steps to get this crap (pun intended) over with. I was going to bite the bullet, and take the plunge. I knew it was gonna suck, but I would rather be covered in poop for a few days, maybe even a week or so, and be done with it. Well that was Monday September 29th. Four and a half weeks, and endless times being covered in feces later, and I am done, I give up.

Here is what we have been doing.... I will tell you and my hope is that someone who reads this will be able to tell me what it is that I am doing wrong.

-1st thing in the AM we take him potty, usually 80% of the time his diaper he slept in is dry. He is still in diapers during his one nap, and while asleep at night. I have been told by everyone, that Pull Ups are glorified, more expensive diapers, so we are just using diapers.

- I started with setting a timer and taking him potty every 20 minutes, if he went pee he got one potty treat, poop two. Eventually I figured he really only needed to go every 45mins to an hour. That was working out pretty well. I then started to notice "the signs" that he needed to go. Every time he wandered off down the hallway I would find an accident. So I got pretty good at watching him, and taking him at the right times. That is it, That is what I have been doing for a month, and we are not moving on. He is not potty trained, I am. If I try to get anything done, including feeding the baby, shower, use the bathroom myself, ANYTHING. He will create a mess for me to clean up.

So my question is this: How do I get him to care about it? Is this normal? Have I, by deciding to potty train my child, agreed to never let him out of my sight again? I am seriously contemplating putting him back in diapers until he starts to care about his own bowels. Would it really be so bad to just put him back in diapers? Will I be making things worse? My favorite time of day is when he is asleep :( I am on edge all day that he is in big boy pants. I have done the let him play outside thing too, he comes in with muddy urine all over him.

I am done. I will accept any and all suggestions. THANKS for reading, hope you're not dry heaving you non-breaders out there.