Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Slashie Halloween Party on NYE

Our October was crazy busy this year, so we didn't have our annual Halloween get together.  When we realized that we would be up for New Years we thought we should celebrate the best way we knew how, in costume.  Here's how it went down.

Cassandra & Wade
Soldier and his Bride
Sabrina & Danny
Snookie and The Situation

Spencer & Allison
Jareth and Sarah

Cicely & Dave
Stinky Asparagus Pee

Allison & Judd
Alice and The White Rabbit

Nate & Allison
Flapper and Gangster

Joe & Lindsay
Mr. T and Hulk Hogan

Keler & Melissa
Party Poopers
(they whopped out their real costumes once the games began and they were offensively short!) 
These two were are winners for best Costume!
this costume was dedication!  Sab's really got a spray tan.  It was gross!
The Games:
This Year we played Minute to Win it Games, it was intense!
Hanky Panky

Stack Attack

Bobble Head

Separation Anxiety

Nervous Nelly

After Cicely and Dave won the coveted 1st place prize, we all played TJ's new Wii game Just Dance.   It was ridiculously awesome!

And that is how we brought in 2011!  So much fun!

Christmas Morning Pictures

Eli's pillow pet and his real pet

Jumpin' Jacks

We went to Jumpin' Jacks with the Hyer boys the week before Christmas. It was seriously the best four bucks I have ever spent.  the boys slept wonderfully that night, plus we were one of two small groups there.  Once the big kids showed up it was not nearly as much fun, but luckily we had been there for a while at that point.  The best part was none of us contracted any diseases!  Hooray!  I know these pictures are about the worst quality ever, but its in a warehouse and these kids were traveling at lightning fast speeds!