Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few of Owen's faves

Owen has recently decided he has musical taste. I am not sure what I think of this since now I am no longer in control of what we listen to, here are his favorite songs that he insists upon listening to on repeat every time the ipod is on.

Guster - Satellite:  It all started with this one,  for some reason he calls it the "Ironman song."  I think is does sound sorta super hero-ish, don't you?

Regina Spector - On The Radio:  I am gonna attribute this one to the GNR references and the constant repeating of as he calls it "on the Braidio" that has him hooked. 

Avett Brothers - And It Spread:  He's a sucker for the screaming parts.  I laughed pretty hard the first time I saw him rocking out in his car seat to this one. 

Kelly Clarkson:  My Life Would Suck Without You:  and Spencer's favorite to sing along with....  I especially like when Owen sings along  to "I know that I've got issues"  with conviction! What four year old doesn't have issues?