Saturday, December 19, 2009

Garden Update

A few weeks ago Owen and I picked all the carrots, here is our loot!

Here Owen is showing off the biggest one.

Carrots are good and all but we decided to make them better by adding a lot of sugar.

Eli loved the frosting the most!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eli Went POOP In The Potty!!

and he's not even 2 yet!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Real Cranberry Juice

So Spencer decided to make real Cranberry sauce this year for Thanksgiving, which required 1/4 a cup of real cranberry juice (as oppose to Cranberry cocktail that we normally drink.) There ended up being a lot of juice left over. After daring each other to try it, we had a little fun with Eli, he will after all eat ANYTHING. I really think it is weird that he keeps going back more, what a little weirdo!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


What is worse than being sick and having to take care of 2 off the wall kids?

Waking up to this.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Happy

Sunday morning was rough at our house.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Park City 2009

We were lucky enough to spend a few days this last week in park city doing absolutely nothing. I got to sleep in every day. The boys got LOTS of Dad time, and we got to visit with friends and family that came up to see us! Thanks Cathie and Scott for being out of the country and unable to use your timeshare. We loved it!! Here are some pics.

we went on walks

played in the kids center

introduced Owen to the "shoe monster"

more walks

We also went on a fun drive. We went on the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway. Spencer has always told me about how he loves the Uintas, and it was fun to see for myself how cool of an area it is.

overlooking some river

it would be cool if I could remember what this area was called, but I can't so I will just tell you it was rad and you should go.

living on the edge, Owen was pretty stressed about falling the whole time, I think he gets that from me.

proof that I was there

this was so much cooler in person. the colors were CRAZY!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Never Gets Old

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the Halloween party this year.  To everyone who didn't, swine flu or not, you missed out big time.  We'll see if you make the guest list next year... 

Here are pictures of everyone who came.  Sorry Lameroux's we forgot to get a picture of you guys, try getting there maybe an hour and a half earlier next time, and you might get one!  

Allison & Spencer                 Eli & Owen
                        (CATS)               (DJ Lance, and Spiderman)

Kyle and Haley
(Dancing with the Stars)

Anna, Rob & Grey

Cassandra and Wade

Lindsey & Scott
(Juno & Polly Bleeker)

TJ and Alex
(balloon boy and balloon)

(Wicked witch of the west)

Scott and Anna
(the martians)

Judd and Emily
(Kim Jung il, and Marilyn Monroe) 

Nate & Sarah
(Swine Flu)

Metals Ceremony

Baby Indie

On our way to SLC last weekend we heard that Lindsay, Spencer's sister, was in labor.  We were really excited, because this meant that we could see baby Indie while we were up, but we were also sad, since they were planning on going to our halloween party the next night.  In the end, we were thrilled to be able to see that sweet baby girl, and can't wait to get back up north ASAP (when my kids are not sick) to hold her some more!  Check her out!

Friday, September 4, 2009

What's the time? Diaper Time

Eli belongs on public access T.V.

Panguitch Lake and the Incident

This last Weekend we got to spend in Panguitch lake. It was so much fun! Thanks Jeff and Jacquie again for inviting us. The first night was pretty horrible. My kids were honestly the worst that they have ever been. We ended up keeping the whole cabin from sleeping for the majority of the night. I am pretty sure everyone wanted to kick us out at 3 in the morning. But we are so glad that they didn't. The second night went so much better. I think it helped that everyone was so tired that it wouldn't have mattered how loud my kids were, they probably would have slept right through it.

Owen and Anna running wild

Just before they started throwing gravel on each other
Anna is a champ, I don't know many other little girls who can keep up with my wild boys. Anna definitely held her own!

Us about to fall into Cedar Breaks, super windy

So cool
I have grown up to be one of those people who are totally and completely blown away by how awesome nature is.

Juddy and Eli enjoying the view

Owen NEEDED this picture to be taken?

Spencer and Judd thought it would be a good idea to take Owen out on the Canoe. Owen disagreed, 15 seconds into the ride, he demanded to go back to the shore.

So off they went

Natural Canoe-ers

Seriously maybe 2 minutes in, they capsized. Owen took it the hardest. He was pretty upset. He thought his DAD was gone forever. He had real tears!

Commanders of the Waters

We hurried and got a shot of the group, before the boys clothes dried.
Wet Tee shirt Contest, Yes Thank you!