Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look Out World

There's a new racer in town!

A few weeks ago Spencer injured his knee doing Jiu-Jitsu. His Doctor says that until they figure out exactly what they need to do to fix it that he should not do Jiu-jitsu or Racquetball (anything that has lunges or twisting of the knee ect..) The Doctor did say he could Swim, Run, Walk, and Bike. So guess who is training for a triathlon? The Sman ran in his first official race on Saturday and did pretty awesome, it was the Dam to Dam race, and he did the 5 miles in 46 minutes. Here's a few pictures of my little Tri-Athlete! GOoooo BABE!!

10am start time was a little too early for Eli
(that's funny since he wakes up at 5:30?)


Jayme said...

Katie is doing a sprint triathlon on June 5 here in VA. Spencer and family should come out and join us. We were thinking of renting a cabin the Shenendoahs for the weekend of the race. The more the merrier. Here is a link with information on the race.

Also, I'm looking to do a triathlon or two this summer. If you can't come for the race in June, maybe we could pick a race and do it together! Maybe Ian and Katie would like to do one too? Judson? No, probably not.


Christina said...

will you be racing along with him? i have been thinking i should try to do something sporty, but i never do...

Allison said...

Jayme, That sounds really fun, we will look into it! and fyi judd did say he was going to do an ironman with sman in a few years. I know this makes me the least supportive wife of all time, but I am seriously doubting either of them will do it.

Xtina- I think I may work up to a 5k or 10k.... someday. I can't even ride a bike anymore though or swim, so the triathlon would take a lot more practice. There are tons of races down here and you don't have to deal with the inversion, let's plan one!

Lynnie said...

Howdy Allison -
I just wanted to let you know that if you do come out here (VA) to that triathlon, you'd better stop by our farm cause we're only about 20 miles away. For that matter, I might be morality wounded if you didn't come stay with us - we've got a big guest bedroom - and let my Eli meet your Eli. Just so you know :-)

Spencer Davis said...

I'm pretty sure that I am the reincarnated version of Steve Prefontaine.

I am all about meeting up for a triathlon. I would like to build up to an Ironman. There is an Ironman that they do in Madison, WI every year. It would be fun to be out there with Chris and Emily. Though it may take me a couple of years to build up to an Ironman, I'm guessing Chris will still probably be working on his dissertation when we arrive.

Thanks for the blog post in honor of me Allison.

3703 said...

Are Iron Man competitions even that hard? Maybe we should just do one this Spring and get it over with.

Dani Hyer said...

i am totally jelouse about your totally fit husband. 5 miles is only 45 min. Where does he get such athleticism?