Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 10 reason's why our Wisconson trip was awesome

#10 Having Mary take our family picture

#9 watching Owen play with cousins

#8 The Dells have the worlds largest indoor water theme park (which by the way has 5 slides!)

#7 Babies love Brats and Root beer

#6 Getting lost in the state Capital in Madison , who needs a corn mazewhen you can get lost here for free?

#5 Taking this Picture with Mary

#4 Shuffleboard, not just for cruisers

#3 Seeing Robots in outer space

#2 Getting to fly through space on a bike!

#1 getting to play with Owen at LAX for 7 hours because one of our pilots was late!


Darth Spencer said...

I would have put robots in space as #1. Thank you Tommy Bartlet. RIP.

Jayme said...

Fun pictures. I'm jealous of the space bicycle.


p.s. The floating fetus on your sidebar is freaky.

whitney said...

Do you guys do anything besides travel? Just wondering. But I must salute you for traveling so much with Owen. I'm not that brave.


what was it like in the future? I can't imagine a life with robots.

The trip looked awesome.

BOSHMA said...

Wisconsin!? What's in Wisconsin? Other than brats and Root Beer. Actually, if they have brats and RB, then it can't be too bad! What else is in Wisconsin? Cheese? Cold air? Packers? White people? Anyway, at least it has brats and root beer!

TJ said...

Wow, pencil me in for the next Wisconsin trip. I never knew that it had so much to offer.

Katie said...

Great pictures. I am way impressed with Mary and Owen's photography skills. I bet Owen loved the water park. I didn't know you got stuck for SEVEN hours at LAX. I cannot imagine.

cblakes said...
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cblakes said...

Yeah 7 hours...you guys are strong.

I'm sure if Owen was part of our Guitar Hero battles that would've made the list.

Boshma needs to get out more, I think.

Rumbler, the future was full of star-filled rooms and hands-on learning. Unfortunately the gift shops and restaurants of the future don't have AC.

You guys rock for coming out. It was awesome; Thanks!

Emily said...

We had such a blast with you guys here!!! Sorry the trip home was lame...

I'll have to post the pics of Mary and spencer on Guitar hero- that was pretty great, too:)
And, I thought you'd appriciate that we saw a "celine dion" concert at our casino on saturday:)
pretty believable...
Totally inspired by you- it was pretty awesome.

BOSHMA said...

To cblakes:

Point taken. Today I will make sure I get out more. I think I will go to the mall. And buy a brat and some root beer from the food court.

I personally have nothing against Wisconsin. And to tell you the truth, I wanted to post a comment but didn't really know what to say, so I googled "Wisconsin stereotypes" and that became the basis for my comment.