Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Bronze Anniversary

Today was mine and Spencer's 8th anniversary. Spencer, Emmett and I celebrated last week by going to Vegas. It was really great to get a break from normal life for a couple of nights. Anyway we decided that we were not going to go out or anything today since we had already celebrated. So after what was by far the worst night we've had with Emmett so far, (he had the flu and a cold) we got almost zero sleep, Spencer let me sleep in. He then took the boys to the sand dunes while Emmett and I did some laundry. When the boys got home we made smoothies and sandwiches for lunch and then went swimming.

Okay, I totally get that this is not that interesting. But today was for sure my favorite day in a really long time. My boys are playing so well together. Owen is becoming such a responsible big kid and super helpful. Eli is so happy and he really is the sweetest boy. Emmett is the best baby ever. Even on his worst day, he is so nice. And I already said how awesome Spencer was to take the boys and everything. So my point is I am grateful for my family and enjoy them so much right now. I think that is what an anniversary should be. A chance to sit back and see what we have created in 8 years and recognize how awesome that is.


The Morrisons... said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

I like this. And also, you are no longer dead to me... good news all aorund.